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Satellite Receivers Repair

Welcome to Sat Reparatie. We repair all types of Commercial Satellite Receivers including (Adimo, AllStb, Arion, Denson, Digitall World, Dreambox, Homecast, Humax, Inverto, Medion, Lemon, Next Wave, Philips, Pioneer, SAB Explorer, Samsung, Strong, Thomson, Topfield, Rebox, VU+ Duo).

We have Achieved this by providing Superior Repair Quality and Quicker Turn-Around Time for all Types of Satellite equipment at a Cost Far LESS than any other source.

HumaxInvertoKathreinPhilipsSABSamsungTopfieldVU+ DUO repair

Our Technicians have over 30 years of experiences.

These are the most common faults with satellite receivers:

Stuck in Standby - Missing Channels - Picture Break Up - Box Freezing - Hard Drive Fails
Receiver Lock Up - Failed Capacitors - Tuner Fault - Box Switches Off while Playing Recordings
Box Resets itself - Sound Issues on HD Channels - Inconsistent Sound Levels

Please, Do Not send in any equipment for repair without a RMA form.

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(+31) 74 250 7192
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Palestrinastraat 72, 7557SX Hengelo,The Netherlands

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